About Us

Shanghai Zhengyi Mica Insulation Material Co,. Ltd. was established in 1992 in China, acting as a professional manufacturer producing kinds of mica tapes for cable insulation and flame retardant applications.

Our unique strength is that we produce the raw materials by ourselves, such as glass cloth, mica paper, etc., which helps us know materials deeply to make final mica tape different in local market. And also we have cable test lab to test mica tapes under similar working condition as customers', so as to research the right mica tape meeting customers' specific requirements deeply.

Relying on development of science & technology, providing customers with high-tech products is our constant pursuits. Mica products produced by us has superior tensile strength and high voltage applications with a wide range of motors, cables, wire, metallurgy, nuclear power, subway, offshore drilling platforms, etc. 

ZY Mica continues to maintain a healthy and rapid development, sales increases steadily for many years. Our Ya'an plant is producing from raw materials to finished mica tapes; And our Shanghai company is in charge of R&D, domestic sales and international business, also rewind/slit mica tapes to small rolls for shipment.

We have strict control management system, including SGS, ISO9001:2001, BS6387, etc.

In a word, technology and service is our key competition features, which enables us make unique mica tapes to worldwide customers.

Glass cloth (fiberglass)
Multi-type mica paper
Synthetic mica tape
Ceramic fiberglass tape
Muscovite Mica Tape
Multi type gold mica tape (Phlogop




  • multi-layer tape wrapped
  • ultrafine insulated conductors wra
  • research and development centers
  • Hazardous substance detector
  • wrapping tester,
  • fire resistance test equipment
  • particle size analyzer
  • aging test
  • tensile strength testing machine
  • soaking voltage test equipment
  • high temperature chamber
  • low temperature cable bending test
  • cold chamber


Shanghai Sales Office::

Room 915, Building A, Gonghe International Mansion, 

No. 3699 Gonghexin Road, Zhabei, Shanghai 200061, China 

Tel.: +86 (0)21 5665 2157; + 86 (0)21 5665 6136; 

Fax: +86 (0)21 5665 5063. 

Email: zhengyi163@vip.163.com

SiChuan Plant:

Lushan, Ya'an, Sichuan, China

Tel.: 0086 835 6570 547

Fax: 0086 835 6570 658